Let's Talk About Feelings! Core Book

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by AACchicks at Dynamic Therapy Associates

Price: 300 points or $3 USD

Subjects: selfAwareness,relationshipSkills,speech,lifeSkills,speakingListening,elaLanguage,mentalHealth

Grades: 0

Description: Lets Talk About Feelings! is an AAC core word reader which includes the words "why", "he", "she", "you", and "I" on each page, but is also deliberately easy to read for our older students reading at an early literacy level. The Reading Reminders & Talking Tips give you ideas for each day of the week, to help your student relate to the materials, encourage interaction and conversation, as well as target alphabet and phonological awareness. In addition, every page has partner tips for conversations you can have around the images. Our objective is functional, relatable text, which also encourages development of core word vocabulary use for our AAC users. You will not find AAC symbols in the text, as research now informs us that this can interfere with literacy development, BUT you will have plenty of tips and prompts specifically designed to help you use your student's AAC system to talk about what you are reading! So grab those AAC boards, books and devices (AAC-BBD) and let's get reading and talking! If you enjoy this product, be on the lookout for more Core Word Readers from DTA Schools! This product and many more are also part of our DTA Schools Membership site, where you can access EVERYTHING we create, our trainings and a LOT more for under $100 a year! Come visit us at DTAschools.com!