Gross Motor Game MOVEMENT MEMORY Motor break

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by Sarah Bee OT

Price: 400 points or $4 USD

Subjects: healthPhysEd,specialed

Grades: 13,1,2,3

Description: Need a fun way to work on crossing midline, bilateral coordination, and visual memory skills? Looking for an engaging motor break that kids will love? This DIGITAL gross motor game includes 10 different exercises and 2 different levels for both single-player and two-player game modes. Collect jewels into your treasure chest as you work to reveal the hidden movement matches! EXERCISES INCLUDED: - Alternating elbow-to-knee touches - Alternating hand-to-toe touches - Alternating reaching above head - Cross body reaching - Jumping jacks - Jumping in place - Marching in place - Hands on hips - Forward lunges - Squats Here's how to play: Step 1. REVEAL TWO MOVEMENTS - Drag a jewel into the blue box and complete the movement shown for 5 repetitions. Then, drag another jewel to the blue box and complete that movement for 5 repetitions. Step 2: DID THE MOVEMENTS MATCH? - If YES, drag both jewels to your treasure chest to collect them, then update your jewel count by typing in the white box. - If NO, drag the jewels back where you got them from. Step 3: REPEAT THIS PROCESS - Keep dragging jewels two at a time and completing the movements until you find all of the matches. In two-player mode, whoever gets the most jewels/matches wins!