Ling 6 Sounds Detection Activities for Hearing Loss Daily Listening Check

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by Stacy Crouse

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Subjects: speech,hearingAndAudiology,listeningSkills

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Use this activity to help students with hearing loss detect the Ling 6 Sounds. Detection of the Ling Six is the first step toward completing daily listening checks, which is an important routine for children with hearing loss that utilize hearing aids and cochlear implants. This deck includes a card for each of the Ling 6 sounds– ah, oo, ee, ss, sh, mm. On each card are 5 buttons to activate the sound, along with a drag-and-drop task for the child to complete when they hear the sound. The 5 buttons on a card play the same Ling sound, but with varying amounts of silence prior to the sound. The silence ranges from 3-8 seconds so that a child must actually detect the sound before completing the task. The following tasks are included, each that corresponds with a Ling sound: /ah/: put a cloud in the sky by an airplane /u/: put a railroad sign by a train /i/: put a piece of cheese next to a mouse /sh/: put a blanket on a sleeping baby /s/: put a cage on a snake /m/: put a topping on an ice cream cone Audio recordings (an adult female voice) of the sounds are included on the cards, but parents or therapists may (and are encouraged to) produce the sounds using their own live voice instead. Children with new hearing technology (such as hearing aids and cochlear implants) can benefit from completing this activity in speech or auditory verbal therapy and at home. Learning to detect the Ling 6 sounds provides a foundation for being able to discriminate and identify the sounds.