Irregular Plural Nouns | Grammar

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by First Grade Maestra Trisha Hyde

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Subjects: ela,knowledgeOfLanguage,vocabAcquisitionAndUse,eslGrammar,eslVocab,elaLanguageGrammar,conventionsOfStandardEnglish

Grades: 1,2

Description: In this deck, students will practice using matching, identifying, and using anirregular plural nouns in context. There are six slides that students will match the irregular plural nouns to the picture. There are 24 slides that students will read the sentence and find the correct irregular plural noun. This game supports L.2.1.B Irregular Plural Nouns used are mice, women, feet, teeth, children, dice, men, people, oxen, geese, deer, elves, calves, knives, loaves, shelves, wolves, hooves, scarves, leaves, firemen, moose, sheep, wives and sheep.