Batty Repeating Patterns

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by MissRobin

Price: 150 points or $1.5 USD

Subjects: math

Grades: 14,13

Description: In these bat themed Boom Cards, students can complete a variety of different repeating patterns with different bat pictures! This bat themed Boom deck comes with 24 different cards for students to practice completing repeating patterns. There are 4 different cards to practice each of 6 types of repeating patterns. In this deck there are: - 4 AB repeating patterns - 4 AAB repeating patterns - 4 ABB repeating patterns - 4 AABB repeating patterns - 4 ABC repeating patterns - 4 ABCD repeating patterns These bat themed Boom cards are great for students to use around Halloween or when learning about bats! Students will love the different cave background and the different bat pictures that they can use to complete the different repeating patterns! The pictures showcase that bats can hang upside down and the different foods that a bat might eat! These bat themed Boom Cards are no prep, self checking, and interactive! Students will be able to practice repeating patterns without having to cut pictures or make any kind of mess. Students will not be able to move onto the next card and will receive immediate feedback on completing their repeating patterns. These cards are great for students to practice repeating patterns in a center, as an interactive board activity, or as independent practice with a fun bat theme! Students will become batty about patterns while completing these cards!