Rainbow Magic Artic /L/

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by Sparkle Speechie

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Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 1,3,4,5,6

Description: Ready for some magic? Drag the magic rainbow across the page to search for words to say, and gold coins along the way! Magic Rainbow is fun all year round but is extra fun for St. Patrick's Day. The cards randomize so that the items on the page move every time the deck is refreshed for reopened so, the fun is endless, and no two games are ever the same! For remote learning, each student is given a fast-pin to control the board on their turn and then share their screen with the group. Because it randomizes, all players each get a unique card, even when working on the same sound. Inside /l/ you get: 2 cards initial 2 cards medial 2 cards final 1 card /l/ blends 1 card /rl/ blends 1 card multiple /l/ words 3 cards mixed practice For a more exciting game, introduce a time element. How many can you find and say in 20 seconds? Need more sounds? Check out my store, “Sparkle Speechie” to find the family of “Magic Rainbow Artic” games, point saving bundles, freebies, and so much more! Thanks for looking and best of luck, -Leslie