M B Auditory Discrimination #1B CHOOSE THE SOUND

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by Rike Neville

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Subjects: ela,speech,eslPronunciation,englishSecondLanguage,adultSpeech,phonology

Grades: 10,11,12,15

Description: This initial m/b auditory discrimination deck will give your adult ESL students listening practice with 24 minimal pairs for those tricky /m/ vs. /b/ sounds. If your students are mispronouncing words with /m/ and /b/, it might be because they cannot hear the difference. They need practice. With this deck, students will practice auditory discrimination when they hear a word with either an /m/ or /b/ sound and then select the SOUND they heard from the given minimal pair. Please note that I have this same deck (#2B) available in a more challenging version for students who are reading. In that deck, they hear the same words, but they select the WORD they heard. Also, this is part of a larger 96-card deck. If you click on the M B bundle in the RELATED tab, you can find your way to it. Like all my decks, I made this deck with adult students in mind. As such, this deck will not appeal to children. It is meant for high school age and older. I based this deck on a worksheet activity from my M B Minimal Pairs for Adult ESL resource (pdf) sold in my TpT store. Please click the related tab to see what bundles this is in and find similar decks.