Multiples of 7 | Multiplication Facts 7 Count By Practice

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by Tarheelstate Teacher

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Subjects: math,multiplicationAndDivision,factorsAndMultiples

Grades: 3,4,5

Description: Multiples of 7 Multiplication Fact Practice: Ready for a fresh approach to mastering multiplication facts? With tasks like "Find the Missing Multiple" and "Which Number Does Not Belong?," students develop their number sense and increase their count-by speed in order to master their multiplication facts. Many students who have difficulty mastering their multiplication facts need to develop greater number sense and increase their "count by" speed and ability. These activities go beyond memorizing facts and instead, offer students new and fresh ways to engage with their multiplication fact knowledge! By completing these multiplication activities again and again for each fact family, students have fun learning their multiples and improve their recall of multiplication facts. Includes 30 Boom Cards: * 12 Which Number is NOT a Multiple of 7 * 12 Figure out the Missing Multiple of 7 * 6 "Figure out the Missing Multiple of 7" with larger numbers (Challenge Cards)