Letter N Alphabet Activities

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by LifeinABAPrek

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: This Letter N Boom Card deck includes 23 cards that will help your students become letter N experts! Activities included: Letter Formation: Arrows demonstrate the letter formation for the uppercase and lowercase letter Nn. Students will trace the letter on their screen by dragging the pencil over the letter or by tracing with their fingertip on their computer screens. Letter Recognition & Identification: Students will identify the uppercase and lowercase letter N in isolation, in an array of other letters as well as in its natural habitat (the alphabet). Sorting Letters: Students will sort the uppercase letters from the lowercase letters and the target letter vs. non target letters. Identifying Pictures with the beginning sound: Students will identify the picture that begins with the /n/ sound. Matching picture to word: Students will match the picture to the letter a word. To get an extended preview visit @lifeinabaprek or @boomcardbakery on Instagram.