Crossword Math 1: Division level 2 (harder): Solve the math sums to complete the crossword

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by Christopher D. Morgan

Price: 300 points or $3 USD

Subjects: math

Grades: 1,2,3,4

Description: Discounted for a limited time! Crossword math 1 is like doing a regular crossword but with numbers instead of words. This is an amazingly fun way to make math seem like play. The crossword 'clues' are math sums you have to complete in the grid itself. The concept is very simple. Solve one math sum in order to solve the next that joins to it. Work your way around the grid until all the sums are solved. Once the entire grid is filled, put the select highlighted numbers into the grid below to solve the bonus math equation at the bottom for a bit of extra fun. There are 3 grid sizes. The smaller the grid, the fewer the sums there are. The larger the grid, the more sums there are. The grids have anywhere from 10 to 60 or more sums to solve depending on which size. There are 2 versions of each grid size. One has sums involving numbers 1-50 and the other has sums involving numbers 1-100. This deck includes 414 division sums! Decks in this series - Addition level 1 (easier) 1-10 & 1-20 - Addition level 2 (harder) 1-50 & 1-100 & 1-1000 - Subtraction level 1 (easier) 1-10 & 1-20 - Subtraction level 2 (harder) 1-50 & 1-100 & 1-1000 - Multiplication level 1 (easier) 1-50 & 1-100 - Multiplication level 2 (harder) 1-50 & 1-500 & 1-1000 - Division level 1 (easier) 1-50 - Division level 2 (harder) 1-500 [THIS ONE]