Pronouns HIM HER 1 with BASIC Body Parts

by A-Ha! Speech Lab

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Subjects: speech,games

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: 【Version 1】 Target either HIM or HER in a game of snowball fight! Listen carefully to know whether to aim at HIM or at HER. If you aim at the wrong person, they will dodge! Turn it into an EXPRESSIVE activity by simply making guesses without listening to the instructions. This【Version 1】deck features: - Basic body parts from the "Head Shoulder Knees & Toes" song - 4 variations to avoid memorization - Immediate contextual feedback for incorrect answers - Teaching & context-setting pages - Playable instructions ◆ This deck is NOT meant to be a set of independent task cards. The activity should be interactive with lots of dialogs of guesses, wonders, and discoveries. ◆◆ Reproducing any part of this deck is prohibited ◆◆