Color Progression: Easter Theme

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by Time2Learn

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Color by Code: Students will have fun with these color by code Easter theme cards. Students will read the vocabulary word at the top right-hand of each slide. Students will click the correct picture that matches the vocabulary words. When finished, the final picture will appear with a sticker at the end. There are 41 color by code slides and a direction page at the beginning. Happy Easter! Words Included: April, carrots, family, peeps, Easter basket, ham, chick, lamb, bunny, Lily, Jelly Beans, patterns, daffodil, grass, egg hunt, find, Crème egg, tulips, Sunday, vacation, cupcake, Egg Roll, Chocolate Bunny, Spring, vinegar, crayons, eggs, Dye Eggs, Painting Eggs, Easter Egg, bow, zig-zag, Hot Cross Buns, church, Good Friday, duckling, plastic egg, March, paintbrush, bonnet