Long Division 2 digit ÷ 1 digit Scaffolded with a Template (St. Patrick's Day Riddle Puzzle)

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by MrsBBC

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 3,4,5,6

Description: What did the leprechaun say on St. Patrick's Day? Students will practice dividing two-digit dividends by one-digit divisors (using the standard algorithm template) as they work to reveal the answer to the St. Patrick's Day riddle. Students will type all of their work directly in the Boom card. If a students makes a mistake(s), they will be able to receive immediate feedback of WHERE the mistake was made when they click "Submit." The steps of long division are available for reference on each slide. Division problems in this set include answers with and without remainders. Puzzle pieces are revealed one at a time as the student answers correctly. Riddle: What did the leprechaun say on St. Patrick's Day? Final puzzle reveal: a St. Patrick's Day themed classroom with the answer: " 'Irish' you a happy St. Patrick's Day" written on the classroom board. 4.NBT.6 Find whole number quotients and remainders with up to four-digit dividends and one-digit divisors, using strategies based on place value, the properties of operations, and/or the relationship between multiplication and division. Illustrate and explain the calculation by using equations, rectangular arrays, and/or area models.