Weather Words

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by Smart.Way

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Subjects: ela,science

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: This activity is ideal for teaching weather words and weather symbols to Kindergarten and First-grade students. The Interactivity 'select the required weather symbol' makes learning weather words easy and fun. It will be a great resource for your Science center in your Kindergarten to First-grade class. These interactive task cards provide fun and engaging activities for your online distance learning class. *** WATCH VIDEO PREVIEW HERE*** There are 17 cards in this deck. The interactive activities included in this Boom Card deck are: 1. Learn weather words 2. Quiz; read the weather word and select the correct weather symbol Weather words and symbols included in this deck are: Sunny Partly Cloudy Cloudy Snowy Rainy Stormy Tornado Foggy Snowflake Lightning Rainbow Windy Thermometer Umbrella