Counting and Addition to 10_Build your Gift bag

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by Smart Land

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Subjects: math

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Build your own gift bag full of colorful Hearts with this Valentine's Day set of Counting and Addition practice (numbers 1-10). Follow the number, choose the hearts you like and create your own gift bag, different from what your friends have. Go through the set again to create new combinations for the same number! The set consists of 2 parts: 1. Cards 1-10 - counting up to 10 (randomized order) - Count and place the requested number of hearts to your bag - choose any colors you like! * There are always MORE objects given - to give the color choice and prevent skipping counting and just dragging all the objects (without counting) 2. Cards 11-35 are focused on practicing counting, addition and early introduction to number bonds. Each card has already several hearts in the bag. The task is to count how many more you need to add to match the requested number (practicing calculating the missing addend) Depending on your students' age and level you can either practice counting on from the given number, or use addition and number bonds strategies. *There are several cards dedicated to each number - the higher the number the more cards are given (based on the amount of possible number bonds for this number) Cards come with audio support! Hope, you and your students enjoy your practice with these cards! Aligned with such CCSS as: K.CC.B.4c K.CC.B.4b K.CC.B.4a K.CC.B.4 K.CC.A.2 K.OA.A.4 K.OA.A.3