Fill Santa's Sleigh Antonyms Synonyms Homophones

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by Ann Fausnight

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 2,3

Description: This product features 37 digital task cards. The cards all feature an empty sleigh with three presents. Students must identify a word pair as being synonyms, antonyms, or homophones, A page at the beginning of the deck defines each term. 12 slides with synonym pairs: large-huge, bunny-rabbit, small-tiny, present-gift, sniff-smell, yell-shout, dirt-soil, rescue-save, unusual-strange, combine-mix, connect-join, and intelligent-smart 12 slides with antonym pairs: hot-cold, top-bottom, start-stop, wild-tame, high-low, heavy-light, same-different, love-hate, humble-proud, immense-tiny, inhale-exhale, and join-separate 12 slides with homophone pairs: steal-steel, right-write, sun-son, tail-tale, knight-night, fare-fair, be-bee, bored-board, earn-urn, flea-flee, and break-brake 1 instructional slide