Valentines Day Fractions Addition Using Tenths and Hundredths

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by Jumping Elephant

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Subjects: math,mathElementary,elementaryFractions,holiday,valentinesDay,equivalentFractions

Grades: 3,4,5

Description: This Valentines Day fractions boom deck will help students practice adding tenths and hundredths. Students are supported through the process of converting tenths into equivalent fractions in hundredths before making the final addition. Perfect for students who need support in this area and for building fluency skills. There are 29 digital task cards with the first card giving an example of a tenths and hundredths fractions addition for the student. Each task card has one fraction with a denominator of 10 and another with a denominator of 100. Students are not expected to simplify fractions to the lowest form in this deck. This deck are Ideal for 4th and 5th Grade but aligned to common core standard 4.NF.5 Thanks for visiting my store.