Find Letters for Sounds on a Keyboard - CVCe Words w/ AUDIO

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by AR Tech Star

Price: 450 points or $4.5 USD

Subjects: games,ela,reading,foundationalSkills,computerscience

Grades: 13,1,2,3

Description: This large deck of 40 Boom Cards provides practice on locating / recognizing letters on a keyboard. Students will look at the picture on each card and click on the letter that it begins with. Once they click on a letter, they will receive immediate feedback. Words in this deck are CVCe words with long vowel sounds. Each card has AUDIO - just click on the speaker icons and the directions will be read aloud. Your students will learn to recognize and locate letters on a qwerty keyboard. CVCe words included are: bone, base, bike, cake, cage, cone, dice, dime, fire, five, fume, game, gate, hike, hive, joke, June, kite, lake, lime, mice, mule, nine, nose, poke, pole, rake, robe, rose, rope, safe, sole, tire, tape, vase, vine, vote, wipe, wave, zero