SPRING Rainbow | Grassland, Ocean and Rainforest Animals Habitat 🌈

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by Rainbows & Sunshine 🌈

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Subjects: science

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Let's learn all about Animals and their Habitat with this drag and drop activity. Simply drag the animal to its habitat. This deck includes 30 interactive task cards for your child. It includes the following animals: Dung Beetle Aarvark Elephant Baboon Bison Giraffe Cheetah Lion Hyena Gazelle Clam Squid Seal Hermit Crab Sea Urchin Blue Whale Sea Turtle Fish Lobster Coral Jaguar Hoatzin Bird Iguana Chimpanzee Anteater Golden Poison Dart Frog Blue Morphobutterfly Capybara Chameleon Leaf Cutter Ant