January 2023 Interactive Calendar

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by C Seither

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Subjects: socialstudies

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: This is an interactive calendar for January. Students click the "next" box to reveal the the date. Boxes will only be revealed when chosen in sequential order. The home page has links to each page. By clicking on a number in the home page, you will go to that page in the calendar. Click on the icon at top right, and it takes you to the home page. Click on the Exit, and it terminates the deck. I use the calendar with the whole class during morning meeting and usually keep the "Deck" open so it doesn't restart :) (Otherwise, go to the home screen to chose the date.) The calendar also works with individual students to practice counting and number identification. Additional months will be posted soon and offered as a bundle!! Look for my interactive weather chart also!