Receptive Color Identification

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by SLP for every IEP

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Subjects: speech,receptiveLanguage

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: A free receptive language resource that focuses on colors. What's Included: This resource includes 10 slides. This deck presents two colors in a field of 2 and asks students to identify the correct color. This deck is great for students learning their colors. This deck is also great for working on making choices in a field of 2. How do I use This Resource? This is a Boomâ„¢ Learning Resource which means that it is no prep/no print! Why do I need this? Being able to select an answer in a field of 2 is an important skill. Knowing that the student can distinguish between two items is important. Once we know they can do this, it allows up to work more on Yes and No, preferences and interests, etc. Also this is a free resource, so that's always good! Sample IEP Goal related to lesson: Student will demonstrate the ability to correctly identify colors in a field of 2 with ____% accuracy (Include level of cues appropriate)