Thanksgiving Compare and Contrast - Alike and Different!

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by Speechbop

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Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 15

Description: Your students will love comparing and contrasting a variety of items while helping prepare the Thanksgiving feast in this COMPARISONS - Thanksgiving deck! The perfect addition for Autumn/Thanksgiving therapy! This product includes: -3 different versions: 1. Alike : A ___ and ___ are ALIKE because... 2. Different: A ___ and a ____ are DIFFERENT because... 3. BOTH: A ___ and a ___ are ALIKE because....A ____ and a ___ are DIFFERENT because... -Students enjoy moving the Thanksgiving food into the oven on each page! -Sentence starters on each page are perfect visuals for increasing expressive language! -Colorful images provided on each page This product is perfect for: -increasing expressive language skills -increasing basic concept skills -comparing and contrasting objects -promoting the use of full sentences -role playing for Thanksgiving -Thanksgiving related therapy