Build a story 6 Animated stories with audio

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by Teachers Resource Store

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Subjects: ela,writing,reading,englishSecondLanguage,speechFluency,speakingListening

Grades: 2,3,4,5

Description: Build a story with phrasal verbs This cartoon style phrasal verb activity can boost easily boost student engagement. Try the sampler slides for yourself! Activity 1 :- Drag and drop the correct phrasal verb into the speech bubble. Activity 2 - The deck can also be utilised to enhance conversation skills and topic continuity. One can prompt the student to guess what the person in the photo is saying, and then encourage them to provide a suitable response while staying on topic. Alternatively, the cards can be used in group settings where students can take turns playing both roles. To increase the difficulty, each student can be asked to take two turns to ensure the conversation flows smoothly. Your students will create scenes with animated gifs. This is an evergreen resource perfect for tele-therapy, whole class writing lessons, reluctant writers, home learning, distance learning,