Vocalic R: Punny Reward - Simple Tap Game

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by Homemade Speech Materials

Price: 750 points or $7.5 USD

Subjects: games,phonology,articulation,communicationSkills,readingSkills,speech,developmentalSkills

Grades: 1,2,3,4,5

Description: An easy and fast reward game for older learners (puns and jokes as rewards) working on vocalic R sounds IRE - AIR - OR - AR - ER - EAR. Mixed 1 and 2 provide opportunities to practice vocalic R with voiced initial and voiceless initial consonants as well as multi-syllabic words. A record function allows you or your student to record their attempt for self-correction. After three attempts, the final column reveals a treasure chest. Tap the treasure chest when you're ready to reveal a pun.