Matching Pairs - Level 1 (Mardi Gras)

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by Ever Joyful

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Subjects: games,holiday

Grades: 14,13

Description: Find the twins and practice visual discrimination and critical thinking skills with this fun and interactive, Mardi Gras-themed, matching pairs deck. This is Level 1 of the Matching Pair Thanksgiving series. Each slide shows a set of 6 images. Students will find the two images that are exactly the same. *The location of the images on each slide are randomized; the deck also plays in random order. The default for play is 15 cards in random order. The number of cards per play can be increased or decreased by selecting "custom play settings" when assigning. Cards can also be hidden from play depending on your preferences or the needs of the student. (Please note: In Fast Play mode, it is not possible to set a card limit) *Please note: To find the bundle with all 3 levels in the Matching Pairs Mardi Gras series, see the "Related" tab or follow this link: