1 Step Directions - Touch Safe/ Unsafe Pictures - Safe vs Unsafe Scenarios - Adult Speech Therapy

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by The Function Well

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Subjects: ot,visualPerception,speech,adultSpeech,cognitionAttention,lifeSkills,specialAdults

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Description: This activity is designed to target attention, visual scanning and safety awareness for adults and teens. Directly addressing safety awareness and identification of safe vs unsafe scenarios can improve independence and decrease risk of accidents in home and community settings. To complete this task, read the direction, look at the pictures and select either the 'safe' or 'unsafe' picture. Great for dementia therapy! This task is appropriate for the following environments: skilled nursing (SNFs), hospital, home health, schools Directions: 1. Read the directions, look at the pictures and touch the either the 'safe' or 'unsafe' picture. 2. Clinician can extend learning with additional probes, i.e., What might you do in that situation? How can you avoid the danger? What might happen? What is a safer alternative? 3. May be used in 1:1 or small group settings Areas Addressed: Attention Visual scanning Safety Awareness Following 1 step directions