Prime, Composite, Factors, and Multiples - Basketball-Themed.

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by So Blessed to Be a Teacher

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Subjects: math,mathMiddleSchool,expressionsAndEquations,algebraicExpressions,equivalentExpressions

Grades: 4,5

Description: Students will review factors, multiples, prime numbers, and composite numbers with this engaging basketball-themed Boom deck. Some cards include a fun drag-and-drop design that allows students to select the basketball with the correct answer and drag it to a basketball hoop, while others require students to type in the correct answer. This deck includes 40 interactive cards. Students will have to complete 20 randomly selected cards every time they play the deck, making this a great deck for students to play over and over again for practice. On some cards, students will be asked to identify composite numbers or prime numbers. Other cards will ask students to identify a factor or multiple of a certain number. Others will ask students to state the number of factors a number has, while other cards will ask students to fill in a missing multiple of a specific number in a list of that number's multiples. Reviewing this math topic will be fun with this deck of Boom Cards!