Part of a Horse Boom Cards

by Ready Set Think

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Subjects: games,science,ela,vocabAcquisitionAndUse,elaLanguage,lifeScience,structureAndFunction

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: Your Little Learners will enjoy this fun filled parts of a horse themed boom card deck. This deck is randomized to shuffle all cards except the first one. This boom card deck has audio directions and It contains some animated gifs. Children will click, drag and drop, and type to answer the questions. The actual parts of a horse vocabulary words are not read to them. Some children may need help reading the parts of a horse vocabulary words in order to be successful completing this boom card deck. Parts of a Horse Vocabulary Word list: mane, tail, forelock, ear, poll, back, withers, hoof, muzzle, throat, knee, hock, stifle. This deck is perfect for any children who love horses, ride horses, and want to learn more about the parts of a horse using a fun, digital, and interactive game format. This deck is self correcting. Children need access to any digital device and the internet. Thanks for stopping by Ready Set Think.