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by Profe Majo Languages

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Subjects: language,instructionalSpanish

Grades: 9,10,11,12,15

Description: This resource is tied to a Youtube video on the Profe Majo Languages channel, with the Title ROSENDA VA DE COMPRAS. This SET 1 consists of 33 cards and covers the DE COMPRAS vocabulary from the SENDEROS/DESCUBRE1 language programs and the first part of the story on the YT channel. The story is divided into smaller Listening Comprehension prompts. It focuses on a shopping experience that includes not only vocabulary about clothing, but also Indirect Object Pronouns, Demonstrative Adjectives, introduction to the Preterite Tense, combined with the chapter verbs in the Present and Present Progressive Tenses. Additionally, it recycles vocabulary from the previous chapters covered in the Descubre/Senderos series. (AR/ER/IR verbs, stem-changers, tener expressions, weather and dates, time telling, etc.)