Subtract Mixed Numbers from Whole Numbers

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by Setting the Standard

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Subjects: math,mathElementary,elementaryFractions,fractionsAndNumbers

Grades: 4

Description: Do your students need a strategy to use when subtracting fractions? This set of 24 task cards will give your students practice with subtracting mixed numbers in a fun way and meaningful way. Students first complete the number bond so it contains a whole number and a fraction equal to 1. Then, students will subtract. Students do not need to rename the difference into simplest form. Named fractions are within the 4th grade standards- denominators of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 are used. ⭐This download is the STANDARD version. It is also available in AUDIO format as well as a $$ saving bun ⭐Aligns to CCSS 4.NF.B.3c