Snowgoll Dichotomous Key

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by Bowl of Cherries

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Subjects: games,holiday,firstDayOfWinter,christmas,lifeScience

Grades: 7,8,9,10

Description: Your students will be engaged with this winter and snow-themed dichotomous key. Great for a classification unit or a unit on adaptations. This activity is also an excellent substitute plan because it requires no background teaching, and is exciting and visually appealing to students of all ages. DESCRIPTION: This activity contains 18 fictional creatures that your students will have to identify. Each organism has a fictional Latin-based genus and species name, so your students will learn scientific terminology without realizing it! PARTS: 1. Reading passage 2. Two multiple-choice questions from reading 3. Classify and name 18 fictional Snowgolls in game board format 4. LAST SLIDE: Two multiple-choice questions to end the activity NOTE: Due to the design of this activity (Flow Magic-Choose Your Own Adventure), not all students will not move through this activity in the same manner. PRINTOUT: This activity works well as a print out