A Bully On Campus 🏫 Bullying awareness - With audio!

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by French Café 🥐

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Subjects: reading,englishSecondLanguage,sel,specialed,relationshipSkills,responsibleDecisionMaking,socialAwareness

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Description: 💚This is Amanda's story : Amanda is a brilliant college student, straight A's, rising-star basketball player for the college's team. Nothing gets in her way. Nothing ? Things are not always as they seem and lately, Amanda hasn't been herself. She starts to miss classes and doesn't show up for basketball practice. What's going on in her head, but above all , WHO is getting into her head ? We'll discover all of that and more in the "Bully On Campus" serie. 🏫 This deck has 3 types of cards : 1. Read the story and understand better about bullying (forms of bullying, why people bully etc) 2. Reading and listening comprehension quizz through the story 3. Help the Dean's assistant find Amanda's bully. 👀Feel free to take a look at the deck to ensure it fits your students' needs!