Hand Washing-Sequencing GAME

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by PlayLearnTalk

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Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: This is a sample from my GERM BUSTERS GAME This FREEBIE allows your students to learn and sequence the steps of hand washing! It has a game format and comes with fun sound effects to keep your students engaged! ENJOY! About the GERM BUSTERS GAME: This resource is ideal for PreK through Early Elementary. Use it to teach and positively reinforce principles of good hygiene. Set up as a GAME, your kids will asked to play this again and again. Includes special sound effect and music video features to keep kids engaged as well entertained. Provides immediate feedback for incorrect and correct answers. Speech Therapists, Teachers and Parents may use this game to target: perspective-taking (how do others think of us based on our hygiene habits), problem-solving (what can we do differently next time), emotion vocabulary (thankful vs. disgusted), good hygiene habits (coughing/sneezing in elbow, using tissue, washing hands), sequencing and recalling/retelling routine (hand washing routine), prepositions (where are the germs located on the toy/school items), vocabulary (relevant to school and play-based toy activities, pronouns, possessives (his/her), cause and effect - consequences and asking/answering questions with a carrier phrase provided. There is SO much you can do with this resource and the BEST part is your kids will view it as a GAME!