St Patrick's Day Telling Time Quarter Past and Quarter To

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by RoJM Teaching Resources

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Subjects: games,holiday,firstDayOfSpring,stPatricksDay,mathElementary,time,specialed

Grades: 1,2,3,4

Description: There are 24 cards in this deck relating to telling the time quarter past and quarter to the hour. In this St Patrick’s Day theme on time, students read the hands on the clocks and then convert the time to digital. 1. Read the quarter past or quarter to shown on the clock faces. 2. Convert the analog times by typing the times on digital clocks. 3. Tap/click the ‘Submit’ button to give your answers Students can type the digital formats as for example: 01:15or 1:150; 01:45 or 1:45. You have the option of using the on-screen keyboard using the mouse or type in. Feedback is instant. The deck will advance to the next card if the student has typed in the correct digital time – you will hear a bell sound and you will see a blue background. If not, there is a whoops sound, and a pink background will appear. You can try again until you have typed in the correct corresponding digital time. Benefits: • Practice reading quarter past and quarter to on analog clocks. • Review converting analog times to digital time formats. • Work independently • Great for early finishers and an extension to your math lessons Thank you for visiting my store.:)