What Should I Do? An Activity on Rational Responding

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by Allison DePalma, MA, BCBA

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Subjects: specialAba,emotionalAndBehavioralSkills,Special Autism,sel,selfAwareness,responsibleDecisionMaking

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Description: When we are feeling angry, anxious, etc, it is difficult to make rational decisions. It is even more tricky to make mindful decisions when we believe an issue is bigger than it truly is. The following deck aims to teach the learner how to discriminate between small, medium, and large problems. The learner will also get to utilize problem-solving skills to identify the response(s) best fit for the issues presented. Deck includes... - Definitions for small, medium, and large problems - 8 multiple-choice questions asking whether a problem is small, medium, or large - 8 multiple-choice questions asking how each problem should be approached based on their magnitude