Drag and Drop Beginning Sounds: t, b, f - Winter Theme with Audio

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Price: 270 points or $2.7 USD

Subjects: ela

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Winter fun with beginning sounds! Students will listen for a word and drag to the picture to the letter they hear at the beginning of the word. This deck includes 30 cards targeting words that begin with the letters t, b and f. All cards include both a visual and audio of the targeted word. In addition there is 1 direction card (31 cards total). Aligned to Fundations Level K Unit 1 Week 1. Use over multiple days for repeated practice and assessment! Targeted Words: tomato, tent, teacher, tractor, tail, television, turtle, tree, table, turkey bee, balloon, banana, bird, bear, butterfly, broccoli, boots, bus, box fish, frog, fox, flower, fries, flamingo, fire, flag, fly, fan