Feed the Pumpkin Halloween Articulation: ALL Consonants! 54 pages! With Sound!

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by Speak Sweet

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Subjects: speech,holiday,firstDayOfAutumn,halloween,articulation

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: Feed the Pumpkin Complete Halloween Articulation Set This MEGA Boom Card deck has 54 playable pages!! ALL Halloween themed words! ALL consonants (except for glides) ALL positions: Initial, medial & final Different treats on every page! Drop the candy into the pumpkin's mouth and say the Halloween themed articulation word next to it. Don't forget to click on the pumpkin after each bite to hear him burp! Stop-Plosives /p/ /b/ /t/ /d/ /k/ /g/ in ALL positions! Nasals /m/ & /n/ in ALL positions! Liquids /R/ & /L/ in ALL positions! Fricatives & Affricates /f/ /v/ /th/ /s/ /z/ /sh/ /ch/ /j/ in ALL positions! Captivating whimsical images kids will love with fun kid friendly Halloween themed words such as: hayride, spell, fangs, treats, haunted house, prank and candy! ✨💰⭐ This deck is part of a multi character bundle that saves you $41.00! ⭐💰✨ Please see: Feed the Halloween Characters Articulation: 216 pages! For a FULL video preview please see the second card in the deck💖 Thanks so much for viewing my creation, Reviews are very much appreciated ^_^