Spanish Body Parts: Writing

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by World Language Cafe

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Subjects: language,nativeSounds,instructionalSpanish

Grades: 6,7,8,9,10

Description: Students will master 30 Spanish body parts and how to talk about what hurts. They listen to a native speaker patient telling their doctor about a body part that hurts. Ex. Me duele la cabeza. Then they write a sentence telling the doctor which part hurts the patient. Ex. Le duele la cabeza. Great listening and writing practice! Vocabulary: cabeza, ojos, boca, nariz, mejilla, frente, labios, dientes, lengua, barbilla, oreja, cuello, hombro, pecho, espalda, brazo, codo, muñeca, mano, dedo, estómago, ombligo, nalgas, piernas, rodilla, tobillo, pies, dedos del pie, uñas, cuerpo, le duele, le duelen. If you are looking for a simpler version with fewer vocab words, hide any cards from the deck that you don't want your students to do. If there is another word that you would like to see included or if you have other suggestions, email me at: