Known and Lesser Known Musicians and Composers of African Descent - Deck 1

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by 7th Letter Music

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Subjects: art,socialstudies

Grades: 7,8,9,10,11

Description: This gives the students a chance to learn about men and women musicians, composers and lyricists of African descent. Although most are from the United States, there is a British representative as well. For those who have learned about black musicians and composers, you will see some familiar faces. However, there are some lesser known ones to expand the students exposure to the contributions of composers of African descent and their influence on music. This is Deck 1. This deck is in form of a lesson with directions and vocabulary on slides 1-3. Slide 4 begins a short biography of a composer/musician (or a lyricist of a song) with questions that follow based on the biography/information given. Images are in public domain. I was only able to find a music clip for 1 artist that was in the public domain. There is not music for every person due to copyright. Composers/Musicians in this deck: Eubie Blake, Harry Thacker Burleigh, John Coltrane, Lillian Hardin Armstrong, Duke Ellington, James Europe, Amanda Aldridge, John Rosamond Johnson, and James Weldon Johnson. For more see Deck 2 in my store at 7th Letter Music.