P Sounds | Build An Ice Cream Cone! Speech Therapy Game

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by Milestone Magic

Price: 150 points or $1.5 USD

Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: In this game, work on P-sounds (initial, medial, and final) while building an ice cream cone one scoop at a time. Have the student build the ice cream cone one flavor at a time and pronounce the word that is uncovered by that ice cream scoop after they move it before moving on. After they've built the full ice cream cone, use the white circles to "eat" the ice cream after you have built your ideal ice cream cone by dragging and dropping them over the ice cream cone. You can also use this game to focus on different skills or goals such as colors, articulation, or following directions. If you have an eraser tool, you can also use that to "eat" the ice cream by erasing one "bite" at a time after your student has accomplished the goal at hand.