R-Controlled Vowels 2 - ar, er, ir, or, ur w/ AUDIO

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by AR Tech Star

Price: 350 points or $3.5 USD

Subjects: ela

Grades: 1,2,3,4

Description: Do your students need practice with r-controlled vowel words? If so, then this set of Boom Cards is what you are looking for! It has 30 cards that address r-controlled vowels (bossy r) words. Each card has a picture clues for extra support. Students will look at the picture and drag the r-controlled vowel to complete the word. Words addressed in this set are CVCC words. This deck has AUDIO - just click the speaker icon on each card and the directions will be read aloud. Words included in this set: ar: yarn, harp, barn, card, dart, bark, cart, farm, park, dark er: fern, germ, herd, jerk, herb ir: girl, dirt, girl or: cork, horn, fork, corn, fort ur: surf, curl, turn, burn, hurt, curb, burp