FCD Minimal Pairs

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by Coyle's Communication

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Subjects: speech,games,phonology

Grades: 0

Description: 🐐 Minimal Pairs to target Final Consonant Deletion 🗒️ 9 Minimal Pair Cards with Audio to contrast CV and CVC words for final consonant deletion. Final consonants /t, d, n, k, s/ 🗒️ Receptive Minimal Pair activity, auditorily process the difference in the CV and CVC words. 🗒️ Expressive Minimal Pair activity, The child can be the "teacher" and tell you what pictures to move or you can say a carrier phrase to have them say the word level target. 🗒️ Expressive Minimal Pair Sentences- fill in a cloze sentence activity with the target word in the minimal pair. 🐴 Tail Sounds- Put animals back together as you say the "tail sounds" in four different cute animal scenes. final /p, b, t, d, m, n, k, g, sh, s/ sounds 🧊 Don't Break the Ice- Click an ice cube, it will either change to one of the final consonant words in this deck or oops, you broke the ice and you lose the game. The ice blocks will be in different places each time you play the game, for endless replay. 🚂 Build-a-Train: Say your minimal pair card and then build a train that you place on the train tracks. The pieces are color change when you click them to make it really fun, interactive, and engaging as you make your train. The train whistle makes a sound too! 💕 Play Memory Match with the target final consonant words. 🐖 Phonological Awareness: Sort the pictures by CV/CVC by putting the CVC words on the pig's tail and the CV words on the pig's head.