Phonemic Awareness - Sound Matching - Phoneme Identification

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by Little Speech Shop

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Subjects: speech,listeningSkills,phonology,phonologicalAwareness,foundationalSkills

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Practice identifying sounds in words in various word positions - beginning, middle, or end. Select the picture that has the same sound in the same word position. For example, Identify the beginning sound in the word "dog". - Which word has the same sound at the beginning - is it "goat", "dip" or "mop". The correct answer is "dip" Includes the option of responses to be audio recorded for each card. Pictures of animals are presented in a box to assist the learner in understanding the concepts of "beginning", "middle" and "end". Audio recordings are included to listen to the words in order to identify the sound. 20 cards to identify the sound at the beginning of the word 20 cards to identify the sound in the middle of the word 20 cards to identify the sound at the end of the word Presented in a set order. (Identify all beginning sounds/all middle sounds/all end sounds)