Decreasing Patterns: Extend the Pattern

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by Let's Talk Teaching

Price: 199 points or $1.99 USD

Subjects: math

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: In the deck, students will practice extending a variety of different decreasing patterns. Most of the patterns decrease either by 1 or 2 blocks each time. There is one pattern that decreases by 3 each time and two patterns that decrease exponentially (the last 2 cards in the deck). If you don't want to have your students do all the cards in one sitting (or want to take out the last two questions in the deck- the "challenge questions"), simply use the "hide card" function on Boom to hide them from your students. This deck has 20 cards. NOTE: This Boom Cards deck is part of a larger Patterns Bundle. The bundle is priced at a significantly reduced rate: