Morning Work Math 2nd Grade Week 11

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by Teaching Second Grade

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Subjects: math

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: Morning Work 2nd Grade Week 11 Who is ready to give morning work with instant feedback from your students? I have taken my popular morning work and created boom cards from it. This set is divided among 5 days (50 task cards). Each day is color coded and consists of 10 cards with some cards having multiple problems on the task card. The first page is the menu and will help students navigate to get to the correct day for that week. Once a student finishes the last task card for the day, they will automatically be taken back to the menu. Each month concentrates on certain skills that also spiral throughout the month (and month to month). I used these with my students last year and it was amazing to see their growth. Each month progressively gets more challenging and works on skills that 2nd graders need to know. Skills are: ►Counting Coins ►Reading a Graph ►Adding 100 ►Addition Facts Sort ►Place Value {What's the value?} ►10 Less ►Telling Time ►Skip Counting ►Addition Facts ►Place Value {bigger and smaller number} ►Word Problems ►Ordering Numbers ►Ordinal Numbers ►Value of Coins ►2-Digit Addition without Regrouping ►Standard Form (from expanded form) ►Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To ►2-Digit Subtraction without Regrouping ►Add 10 ►Doubles Facts ►Odd and Even I have the print version available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store as well. You can check it out here >>>