Advanced Morphological Awareness Word Chains and Spelling 11

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by Little River Speech Language & Literacy

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Subjects: speech,ela

Grades: 3,4,5,6

Description: Students will practice manipulating affixes: EX-, -ATE and -ION to bases such as dict, cav/cave, spect. Concepts covered: -dropping e when adding suffixes that begin with a vowel, this applies when combining suffixes ATE + ION = ATION (dictate --> dictation) --when combining prefix EX to bases that begin with S (spect, spire, sist), then the S is dropped Next, students will spell words with similar bases and the same affixes. Students can move a barrier to "check the board" if they are unsure, building metacognitive skills. Audio on each slide, including the spelling words and sentences to tie in meaning.