Functional Language: Hygiene

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by My Teletherapy Room {Stacey Pfaff, CCC-SLP}

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 7,8,9,10,11

Description: ⭐This lesson includes three activities. Each lesson has 10 trials. ►Yes/No Questions ►Receptive Vocabulary Identification (2 picture choices) ► "I See _______." Carrier Phrases ⭐This lesson would be appropriate for younger students learning functional language skills such as y/n questions, simple carrier phrases, and pointing to pictures. It would also be appropriate for older students with language and cognitive deficits working on life skills vocabulary. ⭐The vocabulary choices used are simple and concrete allowing students to grasp onto the concepts easier. Real pictures are used. ⭐The following vocabulary words are targeted: mouthwash, brush, razor, towel, deodorant, soap, washcloth, toothpaste, bathtub, shampoo