Comparatives & Superlatives Irregular & Regular

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by Augment HS

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Subjects: expressiveLanguage,receptiveLanguage,knowledgeOfLanguage

Grades: 0

Description: Help your students learn terms to compare items by sequencing the comparative and superlative terms for the adjective. This deck has irregular and regular comparatives and superlatives. Drag and drop the pictures into the correct order and then tap the next button. If the images are in the correct order then the deck will give the correct ding sound and move to the next card. If it is incorrect the child will have the chance to correct the order. The pictures are randomised so they will be in a different order each time the deck is used. The cards are also randomized so will appear in a different order with each play. The instructions page remains fixed. Comparatives and Superlatives represented on the cards bad worse worst little less least good better best far further furthest many more most old elder eldest far farther farthest cold colder coldest hot hotter hottest late later latest thick thicker thickest thin thinner thinnest close closer closest busy busier busiest cheap cheaper cheapest loud louder loudest strong stronger strongest warm warmer warmest