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by Coyle's Communication

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 15

Description: You can now get the WHOLE program 30% off here: FREEBIE SAMPLE- only 22 out of 118 slides included, not all are functional. You get a small sample of most of the items below and one free fully functional Days of the Week Memory Match Game. I made this as a PREVIEW because you really can't see anything beyond the Home cards in the actual preview. NOT intended to be a stand alone free product. This is meant for ADULTS to preview, NOT for students to use. The FULL version of the deck is HUGE- 118 Slides of Temporal Concept Vocabulary Words and how they tie together to answer When Questions! Not just practicing, but teaching how to comprehend these concepts and questions. ** First start by connecting the picture cue to the WH word and the kind of answer (time) that is needed. ** Learn TONS of time Vocabulary that can be the answer to When questions: Times of day, Days, Months, Holidays, Seasons, and Special "Time Machine" Words. Words with pictures, Receptive Vocabulary, and Expressive Memory Match Games to practice saying the Time answer words. (57 slides of information, quizzes, and games!) ** Sorts: No Sorts are included in the sample **** 20 receptive When questions with a picture cue and a field choice of 4 word choices. (only 3 in sample) ** 20 expressive When questions with self-checking answers for immediate feedback. (only 3 in sample) ** Sight Word- not included in sample