Earth Day Counting Numbers 1-5

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by MissRobin

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Subjects: math,holiday,earthDay,mathElementary,countingAndCardinality,counting,cardinality

Grades: 14,13

Description: Happy Earth Day! Celebrate Earth Day with your students and practice counting numbers 1-5! Students can count numbers 1-5 using Earth Day themed pictures of dice, ten-frames, and plastic bottles in recycling bins! There are 20 cards in this deck of Boom Cards! There are 4 different formats of cards to practice each number from 1-5, all with Earth Day-themed pictures. Three of the cards are multiple-choice, and one format of cards is drag-and-drop. For the multiple-choice cards - students will count hearts in a ten frame or dice or count plastic bottles in a recycling bin, then they will click on the correct number. For the drag-and-drop cards, students will see a number next to a recycling bin and will drag that number of plastic bottles into the recycling bin. Each of these Earth Day Boom Cards are no-prep, interactive, and self-checking. Students will receive immediate feedback if they have counted the hearts or plastic bottles on the card and selected the correct number. Students will love the interactive elements in these Earth Day Boom Cards! These Earth Day Counting cards are great for students to use as a center, an interactive board activity, for distance learning, or as independent practice for students who could use a review or more practice with their numbers 1-5. Students will love the interactive elements in this Earth Day Counting Boom Cards!